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 What was the Zombie Event?

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Fernando Carlos
Fernando Carlos

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PostSubject: What was the Zombie Event?   Sun Oct 31 2010, 15:31

The Event was probably the best I've seen so far.... IT was very fun... This is how it went the weather changed in the server into a foggy type then the Admins Seito, Jackson, Dane Cool and all the other admins became zombies so they began to bite everyone if your bitten you need to run to a 24/7 store and buy a ZOMBIEREX drink it will stop the zombie infection.... However 5mins into the Event the government said that the LSPD station has been captured by zombies me Jay Carlos and Rnav Rlayer rushed to there in Jays car.... It was wild out there

Best thing was I was Recording it all uploading videos in while
Sorry if you missed out on the event better luck next year.... lol!
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What was the Zombie Event?
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