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 Family Jobs and Role

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Fernando Carlos
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PostSubject: Family Jobs and Role   Sat Oct 30 2010, 22:32

Here are all the avaiable Jobs in the forum. WHat Job you have Depends on your Rank.

Capo Criminiini
Capo Crimni highest rank you can possibly get in the family... Best Rank, Iam sure most of you are aware of what the jobs are for a Capo Crimini basically your the boss your in charge of what happens and who does what. You must Respect your Boss ( Don@t respect him and he will get hitman on you) There's not much to do when your a Boss...

Capo Bastone
Capo Bastone 2nd in command also know as the under boss does preety much the same thing as a Capo Crimini, Capo Bastone is only in charge when the Cap Crimini is not here ( dead, holiday or offline) You must respect the Capo Bastone like you respect the Capo Crimini OR ELSE....

Caporegime or Capodecima
Rank 3 in the family possibly one of the most fun jobs you can get in the family. There can be max 5 -Caporegime or Capodecima and they have mini gangs called a "crew" a Crew consist of 1-5 people max in each crew. A Caporegime or Capodecima can change the name of there crew. Or they might Decide they don't want to join a crew. A crew need 1 Caporegime or Capodecima as the leader and 4 other players the 4 players have to be a lower rank a Sgarrista-a foot soldier or a Mafia associate. What you do in a Crew? IN a crew you do daily jobs together either getting mats, making cash getting guns or even shooting at the other rival gangs the Jobs in a crew can be anything as long as you make mats, guns, money or revenge from it. A Caporegime or Capodecima can also be hired protection for higher ranking members/ They can guard HQ guard Boss.

Rank 4 Your a foot soldier who does daily jobs to earn some cash of his boss or under boss, A Sgarrista can also be in a crew (read above for more crew info) While being a Sgarrista you can make quick money from your boss.... Just ask your Boss for a job or He will give you one a Sgarrista is good for making fast quick money to get you started and used to the family.

Mafia associate
Lowest rank you can get in the family when you first join the family you start of with this rank ( or can pay the boss 30k to start from rank 4) A Mafia associate is considered yet a none Cosa Nostra member you have not yet proven your loyalty to the family so you need to carry out daily jobs or take down people to get ranked up. This rank is very similar to a Sgarrista you can also work for a crew and earn some extra cash. Some times you might be sent out to do hardcore jobs which pay you 10-20k these jobs can be like take down a certain person or a officer.

If you have any questions on the jobs or ranks please PM me
If you have any suggestions to other jobs please PM iam willing to add new jobs. Very Happy Very Happy
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Family Jobs and Role
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