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 Crew Bravo intro

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Fernando Carlos
Fernando Carlos

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PostSubject: Crew Bravo intro   Sat Oct 30 2010, 20:46

*note* only post here if you are in Crew Alpha.
Your Crew Boss is rnav rlayer He tells you what to do and what Jobs to do.

What are crews for?
Crews are used to make life easier... Each Crew consist of 5 members maximum ( for now might be raised depends on how many people we have) In the Crews you will do daily jobs such as Mat pick-ups, Collecting crack or even getting rid of some people (HITMAN). Some of you might have to trade weapon with other gangs aswell...
Only Mafia associate and Sgarrista-a foot soldier can be in a crew you must be a aporegime or Capodecimato lead a Crew.

Anyone found not listening to your crew leader will be either kicked from the Family and hunted down for the rest of his/her life.

*note* If you wish to change crews please PM me.
*Note* Only Crew leaders can make Topics for there crews unless you get permission first
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Crew Bravo intro
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