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 Our Vechicles

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Fernando Carlos
Fernando Carlos

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PostSubject: Our Vechicles   Sun Oct 31 2010, 20:03

Cause were a Mafia we need a certain type of Vehicle colours All of our vehicles must be the colour [b]black[/b] and only black... Our main cars must be a Elegant I own one here's a picture

IF you have a Intruder please sell it the cars dealer ship were i bought by Elegant is located near all saints hospital here are some pictures
The Elegant is just our ORGINAL car we do except 4 door luxury cars....

If anyone knows were you can buy a Stretch from (LIMO) please tell me cause that would be great
IF your not sure if your car is allowed please post the name here.... Or post a link/picture <--- Visit the site for all Vehicles in the game
We do Except Bikes aswell along as there BLACK
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Our Vechicles
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