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 How to apply?

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Fernando Carlos

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PostSubject: How to apply?   Sat Oct 30 2010, 00:45

To apply you will need to fill out this form if you pass, you will have to register with your in game name
you must be at least rank 2 or higher join to us.
To join the family you have to pay 10k to me Fernando_Carlos. *note* I do except mats aswell.
Semd an email laid out like this to

Question 1
Why do you want to join the family? (minimum 100 words)

Question 2
Have you ever worked for the police or the FBI?
Yes or NO

Question 3
Are you willing to risk your Role Play life? Are you willing to go to jail kill the cops? and why (minimum 100 words)

Question 4
Have you been in any previous Gangs/Mafias in the past? If yes please list the name

Question 5
Why do you think your application is going to be accepted instead of the others? (maximum 100 words)

Question 6
IN character: LIFE BIOGRAPHY (not real make it up its about your roleplay charater) ( Max 400 words)

Question 7
Take a screen shot of your stats (/stats) using F8

Once you have completed this send it of to me and wait 1-3 days for a reply.

Fernando carlos Very Happy Very Happy

Only use this if iam not online and you want to register please cheers
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How to apply?
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